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New progressive architecture startup focusing on residential and light commercial projects in the Los Angeles area.

We believe that our architecture aims to capture the dynamism and complexity of the current era with projects focused on forward thinking and innovation.  At its core, architecture is an endeavor that looks forwards, not backwards, and we strive to use our ingenuity and creativity to fulfill such a promise.

Dialectic is a full service design and service firm.  We seek to create beautiful designs that meet our clients needs with architecture that they will enjoy for years to come.


Victor Fressie


With more than 10 years of experience in the Los Angeles area with residential and commercial architecture, Victor is familiar with the architectural landscape of the Southern California area.

Skilled at producing bold designs that can be rationalized to real life construction, Victor is obsessed with finding the synergy where architecture and design meet the real world conditions.

Victor has a Master's Degree in Architecture from The University of Southern California and a Bachelor's of Art/Architecture from Dartmouth College

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